The end of Vol 4! Don’t be too sad- they found a ship…

SO SORRY this was late! BLAME DELTA BOO! But now I’m afraid we now have a mini hiatus- Ship Jumper will start up again in Late Feb (prob last Monday) what will I be doing during this time you ask!? WELL-

1- Making and sending out my wedding invitations!

2- Drawing the cover and doing notes on Vols 3+4 for the NEW PRINT VOLUME OF SHIP JUMPER! I’ll have more pre-order info at the end of the month!

NOW this is very important and I need your advice! So I really would like to give you guys a mini chapter of Cornelius’ back story, but it doesn’t really fit in with the story and themes of Volume 5. I will also need to take a break from the comic from May-June to get everything together for my wedding. A friend mentioned that for March and April I might do the Cornelius mini chapter so when I have to leave you for a couple months in the summer it’s not on a weird cliff hanger. I’m open to whatever you guys are more interested in!