Ahoy all! So this page was a real challenge for me- art wise and story wise. I’ve been slowly over the course of this year trying to do more research into gay subculture, treatment and punishment in 18th england. Even though Clochette and Lymeswold are my creations, that is the time period they are inspired by. I came across a very interesting episode of a BBC show called ‘Garrow’s Law’ in season 2 episode 2 where the main character lawyer defends a man on trial for sodomy (its all on you tube!). It’s upsetting and emotional and guest stars Moriarty (Andrew Scott) of BBC Sherlock fame. This is the situation we find Cornelius’ mind going to. His worst fear is that he and Ellis’ affair will lead to the ruin of his reputation and possibly his death. The two ‘actors’ on stage with him I based off of Georgian caricatures which are down right terrifying if you’ve never google image searched that!

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