Hello all! Vol 3 page 36- Oh man… THAT’S not ominous~

News! My wonderful friend who runs the Ship Jumper Facebook informed me that we are so close to 50 likes! So if you go like it HERE and we hit 50, I’ll post a special bonus image to celebrate~ We’re also getting dangerously close to 600 tumblr followers, and THAT will require something special indeed! If you haven’t already, the tumblr is HERE~

ALSO this week is my Birthday! Hoorah age! Now it def seems like some of you were hoping there was going to be a little more Horatio/Cornelius action coming (lolz). Well that wasn’t in my script for this volume, BUT I might be willing to make you guys a BONUS NSFW page if you show me some Bday love. Let’s say if I get 30 comments on this weeks page I’ll add a bonus one. I know you guys are out there, I check my google analytic stats. Fanart and fanfic is also accepted~