AHOY ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I am back! Here is the last page of the Cornelius Intermission! See, wasn’t having a break on smut more enjoyable then this sad realization? This theme of the same ‘fancy party’ over and over is one I go back to a lot as a way to show the social angst and restriction Ellis and Cornelius both feel.

Sorry again for the delay- but the wedding went better than I EVER could have expected so thank you for letting me spend the time to make that happen~ And WHAT a day to come back too! WOW SCOTUS you did it!

SO WHAT’S NEXT YOU ASK!? WELL! It’s time for me to get the final pieces together for printing SHIP JUMPER BOOK 2! HOORAY! It will include volumes 3+4 plus the intermission and sketches and extra world building goodies! More news to come soon!