Ahoy all! Ah sorry for the delay again- I am still trying to balance working on wedding tasks and this mini chapter- sorry some weeks it skews one way or the other. BUT I thought this might be a fun opportunity to post a work in progress and see some ‘behind the scenes’ of Ship Jumper. So what I’ve been doing for this chapter is once I’ve finished the final lines (I turned off the initial sketch layer I draw over, as it honestly looks like scribbles to anyone but me) I then color a flat light blue layer separating the foreground aka character art from the background art. Then when I color the characters I can do it all with a clipping mask in photoshop, which is magic and keeps all my edges bound to the flat layer. Coloring the background is looser and usually the last thing I do before adding in some final lighting color over lays, but there’s less of that when I’m using a limited color pallet like this, instead of the full color of chapter 4 (and when I start 5).

EDIT- Hey final page yay! Now you get to see the end of it! Aw Cornelius’ you softening up~ WIP is up at voting link if you still want to check it out!