Ahoy friends… it’s been a sad few days over here at Ship Jumper central. As some of you saw, I had a flashing “?” harddrive scare last Monday that delayed the page. Things seemed to be working again Tues-Wed and I did fresh back ups (THANK THE LORD) but Thursday night we had our final crash… so computer is in the shop til Wed and may never come back at all (it’s a 2008 Mac Pro which is apparently ONE MILLION in computer years…) we’ll see, the guys are gonna give it a shot. I will try to finish this weeks update on my fiance’s PC, which is a ‘redo’ of that Vol 3 bonus smut page up in the gallery. After some soul searching, I realized I really didn’t like it in Vol 3, it felt too explicit for that part of the stories’ emotional tone, so I’m reevaluating the art and layout to fit in here- the original will stay over in the gallery for LOLZ. After that there’s only one more page of this mini chapter before I take my big fat wedding break! I hope to have that up asap but there’s really no telling when that might happen at this point. Thanks all.

In other news- I had my Bachelorette party over the weekend and it was the BEST PENIS party EVER!~