Is a homoerotic webcomic that updates Mondays

Ship Jumper is the story of Piper, an enthusiastic young sailor from Clochette, a country in the midst of a long war with its rival nation of Lymeswold. After their ship is destroyed in battle, Piper and his Captain, Ellis, find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Besides having to fight for their survival, Piper soon discovers that the island is full of strange and mysterious creatures, as well as an unexpected fellow survivor from the wreck with a particular interest in him…






Country of Origin- Clochette

Rank- Lieutenant (Gazelle Class)

Ship- Provoque (sunk)

Height/ Weight- 5’9″ 156lb

Zodiac- Cancer


Piper may look like just a pretty face with no substance, but he’s actually an incredibly talented sailor. He’s climbed his way up the ranks with nothing but hard work, dedication to duty and selflessness in the face of certain death. Always the crew favorite with a song or dance to keep spirits up during long, dreary months at sea. In the midst of a long war with the rival nation of Lymeswold, Piper’s one weakness is his unfortunate affection for an officer of the enemy.



ELLIS- (given name Horatio)



Country of Origin- Clochette

Rank- Captain

Ship- Provoque (sunk)

Height/ Weight- 6’3″ (7’3″ with officer’s hat) 190lb

Zodiac- Virgo


Lord Horatio Ellis’s place in the military history of Clochette was set before he was even born. The latest in a long family line, his grandfather was commodore of the entire navy at the height of its power, but even without that pedigree Ellis would still be one of the most accomplished captains of his time. Ellis has an uncanny genius for the art of sailing and navigation, which has earned him the respect of his crew even with his frosty, aristocratic demeanor.



RHINSTON- (given name Wellsly)



Country of Origin- Lymeswold

Rank- Captain

Ship- HRS Fevered Victory (sunk)

Height/ Weight- 6’0″ 212lb

Zodiac- Aries


Seemingly brutish and quick tempered, Rhinston isn’t called the  ‘Thug of Lymeswold’ by his enemies for nothing. Having come from humble  beginnings, he only joined the navy when the war with Clochette  first began. With no sailing experience, no one expected him to survive, let alone  achieve the rank of Captain. His bravery, fearlessness and inherent fighting sense led  him to be an effective officer in a time of war, as well as a leader that men wanted  to follow into battle.






Country of Origin- ???

Height/ Weight- ???

Zodiac- ???


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