Ahoy all! So this won’t come as a surprise but I’m afraid I have to put the comic on a SHORT hiatus. I am taking a hand lettering workshop (which will help with the comic going forward I assure you!) through my ‘day job’ and it is taking more of my personal time then I had originally thought. The GOOD news is- you’re already HALFWAY through said hiatus… anxiety cat AKA me was just putting off writing this message because it bums me out to do it… ALSO in case you were wondering the next page is a new scene, so you aren’t sitting on any kind of cliff hanger.

SO I will see you in Nov with a more regular update schedule AND please let me know in the comments- what is the best way to get comic updates to you? Do you rss feed this page? Tumblr? Twitter? INSTAGRAM??? Let me know and I’ll make sure to prioritize where and when the comic returns!