I got this great ask on the tumblr and thought I’d share it here as well!

Just out of curiosity, in your mind, what would the characters of ship jumper sound like? Accent wise and if you were to compare them to any real-life voices.

Oh my goodness I LOVE this question!!! All 4 main characters voices are so clear in my mind but finding good references for them is proving to be such a challenge! Ellis and Cornelius are super posh. Even though Clochette is based on France I image them all with very classic “Merchant & Ivory” english accents. The closest I can come to Ellis is Tom Hollander as Lord Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, a lighter lilting voice but very proper and dripping with distain (what I’m trying to get across having his dialogue always in italics LOL). Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is right on the money for Cornelius, beautiful aristocratic voice to go with his beautiful aristocratic face. Piper is younger and brighter so somewhere kind of between Dan Radcliffe and Elijah Wood. If you youtube any interviews with Tom Daley (UK diver who is also the closest real life visual for Piper) it’s in that vicinity but he’s a little too posh for ‘from a poor village’ Piper.

Rhinston is a challenge… he needs to be deep and sound angry all the time even when he’s not. He also is one of the poor folk, so less put together then the others. Lymeswold is more ‘rough and tumble’ of a nation so the accent is much rougher. Richard Armitage as Thorin in the Hobbit movies is so close, but his voice is still a little too lyrical? Russell Crowe when he’s doing his brooding hero man voice with a dash of Gerard Butler in 300.