I answered a question over on the tumblr I thought I would share here as well~

-Why does Rhinston have such a bad reputation?

Rhinston don’t give a damn about his bad reputation!

LOL we are FINALLY going to get to Rhinston’s backstory in Vol 4 but there have been hints given on this here and there. What it boils down to is that what Piper knows about Rhinston (which is all the narrative we’ve been given on it so far) is from Clochette newspapers. And since they are at war with Lymeswold, any coverage on an enemy captain is going to be heavily biased. Rhinston is not from a ‘good’ family like Ellis or most officers in the navy, so any article on him is going to play up his poor upbringing, lack of education and dubious history of being a prize fighter.

But little does Rhinston realize that these are all the reasons why Piper became so fascinated by him~