Ahoy all! MAN… A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST UPDATE …. so in the first round of cancellation lottery for FLAMECON Ship Jumper and Doable Guys was offered a table! WOW… I have NEVER gotten off a waitlist in my life before haha. SO that means we are BACK ON for completion and printing of the FINAL BOOK- BOOK 3 of Ship Jumper to debut in AUGUST! AHHH! So there’s a lot of work to do and I will be getting the Kickstarter for it (small one I promise) going SOON! ALSO my new pin in here and I LOVE MY NEW SON check him out on my instagram @ Valmontgod

ALSO- If you wanna yell about Eurovision hit me up! Unless you don’t love Iceland then we gonna have WORDS hahaHATARI!