Ahoy all! Boxing’s a young man’s game my friends- please read ‘slump’ with a healthy WHOMP sad trombone noise.

So much to discuss! ROYAL WEDDING! EUROVISION! Israel was always in my top 5 and both her and Cyprus came in #1 and #2 in the televote so I feel good about that. But man the jury votes get me so worked up- DENMARK CAME IN 5TH IN THE TELEVOTE! I was so worried about them making it out of semi 1 but dang it people loved those Vikings! They were the dark horse after all. I liked Austria, he sang well and is very nice/ handsome… but Italy should have been in 3rd. My GRANDE AMORE (see what I did there?) for this year’s Italian men is only matched by my DISPREZZO for their motion gfx (I do gfx for a living and desperately wanted to quit my job, fly to Lisbon and redo the whole thing BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT). I highly recommend downloading Ermal Meta’s new album. Also all of this is a very round about way of saying I’ve started taking Italian lessons and I am very excited to improve my MIND.

Have a lovely Memorial day everyone! I’m visiting family in DC.